Re:Think Your Resume Workshop Series

How many times have you watched YouTube videos or read books or even attended seminars to learn all the nuts and bolts and tips and tricks on how to write your resume and still couldn't do it when you got home?

All that will change with Re:Think Your Resume Workshop Series


"I highly recommend Cindy's workshop even to those who have no issue getting interviews. You will learn something new."

3 Flavors of Workshops

Each designed to last90 minutes long, the workshops involve vigilant hands-on attention.

By the end, you will see your resume--and your career--in a whole new light.  

The process of writingthis resume reflects yourpassions, purpose, and impactin the world, building the self-confidence and self-worth that you can bring and project in the interview of your dream job.

Branding Summary

Capture the readers' attention within 10 seconds

Impactful Descriptions

Rethink and write accomplishments that matter with a unique structured tool


Watch for traps  and tailor  to a specific job description in less than 30 minutes