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Together, we will discover accomplishments you may not know you had,tackle adverse circumstances, and emphasize on the impact you have made in past roles that you will bring into future organizations.

Master Resume Package

Most Popular Premium Service

Unsure about how to write your resume?  The coach will write it for you. 

  • Three 1-Hour Consultations
  • Receive DOCX, PDF, and TXT of your resume
  • Unlimited access to coach for 2 months, so work does not ended until you approve
  • Collaborate with coach to fine-tune accomplishments and bring hidden ones to light
  • Let coach use relevant keywords and significant numbers on your resume to show your impact on any organization
  • Invite decision-makers to read your resume and request job interviews

LinkedIn Profile Package

Don't need a resume but need a LinkedIn Profile makeover?

  • Receive the same attentive service as what you would get from a master resume package

Comprehensive Career Brain Dump Package

Compile a career file that contains every accomplishment, skill, keywords, and more so that you can use these Lego piece for every resume for the rest of your life

  • Three 1-Hour Consultations
  • Download and complete the Career Brain Dump template with help from coach
  • Unlimited access to coach for 2 months, so work does not ended until you approve
  • Collaborate with coach to fine-tune accomplishments and bring hidden ones to light
  • Create Lego piece that can be used to tailor tens of resumes

Additional Services

Cover Letter

Create an easy, structured template that speaks to anyone who reads it

Tailored Resume

Optimize with SEO attention-grabbing keywords that resonate with you and that match specific job descriptions

Hourly Consultation

Customize self services to address any issue on your schedule

​Case Studies

Take a look at a few of many clients who have trusted Sunbreak Resumes to design authentic resumes that scored them their dream jobs

Fashion Photographer
Certified Medical Hypnotherapist
Chief Financial Operations Officer
Regional Operations Manager
Fashion Photographer

Fashion  Photographer
​Kirkland, Washington

Felicia had already been diligently applying to positions for six months by the time she contacted me through a past client.

A recent Russian immigrant with a bachelor's in philology and education, she cared for young children as an au pair while building herself up as a reliable and highly-rated fashion photographer featured in an international fashion magazine.  But despite earning acclaim, she still wished for a customer service role to supplement her income.

Unaware of the differences between Russian and American resumes, she provided rather sparse information.  In fact, she did not emphasize the excellent customer service she would offer as a photographer.  Therefore, it did not surprise me that recruiters had not call her yet.

Right off the bat, I asked her deep questions that extracted missing material, presenting her as a photographer who strived to understand customer needs and propose her best solution.  I also drew out her teaching expertise from her experience as an au pair.

Well, halfway through our collaboration, she submitted the rough draft of her resume to her targeted company.  To my surprise, she received her first call in six months from a recruiter with an unfinished resume.

The ball was now in her court, eventually landing her a job as the general manager of a local photography studio.

NOTE: Name of client has been changed to protect privacy.

Certified Medical Hypnotherapist

Certified Medical Hypnotherapist
​Kenmore, Washington

While she took care of her kids as a stay-at-home parent, Susan worked several part-time gigs. Now that her kids were all grown, she immersed herself in spiritual holistic healing and hypnotherapy.  

Susan then moved from the pastures of New England to the waters of the West Coast without knowing a soul.

The last time she wrote a resume was 30 years ago.

Susan did, however, sent me a draft, but it provided too much personal information on a macro level on certain sections and large lists of expertise subjects.  Accomplishments were nearly nonexistent.

During our two-week process which included three virtual consultations, I enforced focus and asked her to tell me success stories on individual clients.  Right away, she was able to inform me numerous accomplishments that were relevant to the type of roles she wish to apply.  In fact, her skills was able to significantly reduce the size of cancerous tumors and eliminate chronic nightmares.

The final draft resulted in a pack full of impactful work with wow-factor that would make her into a formidable authority as she pursued community advocacy.

NOTE: Name of client has been changed to protect privacy.

Chief Financial Operations Officer

Chief Financial Operations Officer
​San Francisco, California

A polished CPA with a knack for operations, Brady had not had to write a resume in years.  Although he was still well-connected, he was ready to make a change in his career and needed a new resume to break into a new industry.

With more than 20 years under his belt, Brady definitely worked on some prolific projects, including setting up the financial and operations groundwork for two companies from inception.  However, his original resume did not reflect them.

Because of the amount of experience he had, I slowed down the resume writing process with increments in order to capture the essence of each of his past roles.  After our initial phone consultation, I asked him through a series of emails that pushed him to think more deeply about each positions including numerical results and his leadership philosophy.

Since he wanted more opportunities in operations more than finance, I rewrote his resume with accomplishments that showcase his talents in that area.  The final product promptly allowed Brady to market himself as an expert optimizing operations with minimal cost in his highly competitive community in the Bay Area of Northern California.

NOTE: Name of client has been changed to protect privacy.

Regional Operations Manager

Regional Operations Manager
​Everett, Washington

John came to me because he needed a job that was more challenging.

A trained leader of the US Army, John climbed the ladder from a simple laborer
to an award-winning regional operations manager with personable charisma.

Nevertheless, his resume needed a major upgrade. Written in first-person paragraph form, his resume downplayed his accomplishments and buried his awards by incorporating lackluster information.

Through consistent email exchanges, he and I honed in on the specifics of his projects and accomplishments, emphasizing his calm commanding demeanor during crises and his impressive measurable achievements.

Rejuvenated by his new bullet-pointed resume, John was able to gain a promotion during the coronavirus pandemic in an industry new to him.

NOTE: Name of client has been changed to protect privacy.

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