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Originated from the great Pacific Northwest, SUNBREAK refers to the sunlight that shines through gloomy cloud covers beloved by the Puget Sound Community.

Here at Sunbreak Resumes, gloomy resumes run through a collaborative comprehensive process that digs deeper and emerge as striking, purposeful resumes that anyone would be proud to show off.

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Cindy S. Cheung
​Resume Coach

"What can I do today to help someone so that he or she can help someone else?"

That is a question I ask myself everyday. 

An analytics manager with professional screenwriting experience in Hollywood, I employ techniques that exercise my love for numbers and my fascination with words.

I know what it feels like to search for the next great opportunity for an extensive amount time.  I also know what it feels like to have recruiters and hiring managers explicitly tell me how much they love my resume and cover letters.  Otherwise, I would not have been able to score dozens of job interviews within two years.

So  now, it is my mission to help you create a resume that reveals your purpose and amplifies your impact so that  you can strut into that office like the phenomenal force you know you are.