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Originated from the great Pacific Northwest, SUNBREAK refers to the sunlight that shines through gloomy cloud covers beloved by the Puget Sound Community.

Here at Sunbreak Resumes, gloomy resumes run through a collaborative comprehensive process that digs deeper and emerge as striking, purposeful resumes that anyone would be proud to show off.

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Cindy S. Cheung, Your Resume Coach at Sunbreak Resumes

Cindy S. Cheung
Resume Coach

Like a lot of people who somehow fell into their professions, I never intended to be a resume coach.  But I am very good at it.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

I love calculus, and I love movies.  So when the moment came to step foot into the real world, I pursued the engineering corporate ladder while moonlighting as a screenwriter.  Yes, school prepared me for the technical design of a product, but the real world showed me that the most crucial part of engineering was needing to find out what customers wanted the product to do for them in the first place.  Every feature must claim its right to be included or it is eliminated.  Coincidently, the writing tools that I learned to achieve this also applied to screenwriting. 

In my early 30’s, I secured a script analyst role at a film distribution company in L.A.  That’s right!  Hollywood!  I read stacks of screenplays averaging 120-pages each to evaluate them for the European market.  If any element did not have the why-it-exist factor, then it ended up on the cutting room floor.  On top of that, if the first 10 pages did not spark my interest, the rest did not have a chance.  Sound familiar?

I can turn that around for you.

I know what it is like to be a recruiter, reading resume after resume.  I know what it takes to keep people reading and yearn for more.  And I know how to identify accomplishments that matter not only to employers, but also to you.

I didn’t start this simply because I knew I could.  I started this because I know what it is like to write my own resume.  Yet, going through the in-depth process empowered me.  It did not just highlight my accomplishments.  It showed me—on a paper—that I mattered. 

In brainstorming for a company name, I wanted something that 1) reflected the Pacific Northwest and 2) symbolized the new light that would rejuvenate and distinguish you from the crowd.  Out of the blue, a sunbreak emerged from above.  Commonly said in Seattle, “sunbreak” actually originated in the Pacific Northwest, and every time I see sunbeams, I feel reborn.  This is why Sunbreak Resumes exists.

I approach resume writing from an incredibly unique point-of-view. I mean, when was the last time you met an engineer who is also a screenwriter?  It is this that compelled numerous clients to see their careers in new light.  Their self-confidence increased through the process, which, in turn, lifted their self-worth.  One got invited for an interview after six months of silence.  Some gained well-deserved promotions.  And most of all each and every one of them know they are worth it.

When you invest in Sunbreak Resumes, you will get access to my proprietary approaches that will uncover your unrealized accomplishments and identify skills most valued by companies.  These will shed new light into your career.  So let me write your story.  A story that will make you irresistible.